Supporting The Crypto Tech Women NFT community


The Crypto Tech Women NFT is the third community project I’ve invested in over the past week. This is part of my attempt to develop a point of view on opportunities for community leaders and creators that I support to begin to take advantage of Web3.

I learned about the project from a share in the Decentraliens Discord channel, and I was excited to see I had joined early enough to be part of the public mint.

Not quite early enough to experience being part of a “whitelist” or pre-sale, but that’s a goal for another day.

The Crypto Tech Women community describes their project as an NFT collection of 8,888 unique ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each are unique and randomly generated, consisting of 14 different traits and 140 different attributes.

I love their mission statement:

“Our purpose is to support and empower women to be in tech and succeed in tech. We envision a world where extraordinary women are leading the tech industry and web3 revolution. Our mission is to break the paradigm that only men can succeed in tech”.

Having spent years working in the tech industry, and witnessing firsthand the gap that exists, I fully agree we need more of this.

I also had a secret agenda in deciding to buy into this project: I wanted to see if I could convince my wife to explore Web3 with me!

I figured what better way to get her excited, then to purchase her an NFT for a women-led community as a gift!

In poking around the discord, I experienced this as a welcoming community, and there were all sorts of fun conversations happening beyond crypto talk centered around things like pets, food, wellness, and mental health.

Janice is a meditation teacher looking to support busy entrepreneurs in managing their stress, so this community seems like a place where she might be able to lend support.

How did my secret mission go?

It worked!

We spent the better part of Saturday together setting up her first MetaMask wallet, registering with Ethereum Name Service, and creating a Mirror account so she can begin to experiment with writing on Web3.

It was a fun bonding opportunity where I got to share some of my geekery within a context that felt relatable.

We’re both excited for the art reveal happening later today (Monday, February 8th if reading this after the fact), where we’ll get to see which avatar’s we scored in the mint.

A few other things I like about the Crypto Tech Women:

  • They will be creating an education platform with bootcamp resources for members looking to build their skills in crypto and Web3.
  • They host women-led panels on Twitter Spaces every Wednesday where panelists share their journey coming into Web3.
  • During the sale, I felt incredibly supported. The founder, Gigi, even jumped into the support chat to assist me when I was struggling to get my transaction to go through. I was impressed! Listening to her speak after the mint sold out, I felt she has a genuine desire to build a strong community (vs just ride the wave of NFT hype) Her and her entire team felt quite sincere and authentic.

In closing, it’s early days for me in really understanding what makes a great NFT-backed community, or DAO (distributed autonomous organization).

My experience so far has been NFT’s fall into two broad camps with some degree of overlap:

  • Art-Focused
  • Value-Backed Community Focus.

The really good ones seem to strike a balance between both of these two factors.

I’m very interested to see what happens in the weeks and months following a sale, and how community leaders are able to continue to drive engagement, as it seems while some members are in it for the long-haul, many just join hoping for a “get rich quick” investment opportunity.

For me, it’s about investing in communities I believe hold real value, with heart, and a sincere goal to create more connection and impact.

I believe Crypto Tech Women falls into this category.

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Come join the conversation on Twitter, it’s much more fun with friends.