Shoutout Testimonials: Attract more customers by highlighting why people trust you

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Shoutout makes it incredibly simple to create a beautiful "wall of love", or a "wall of positivity" within seconds. You can capture, curate, and post your own "wall of love" to your website or sales page, with zero friction, especially if you have a backlog of positive mentions on social media that you haven't yet captured in the form of customer testimonials.

We all know the marketing adage "People do business with people they know, like, and trust".

This tool makes it extremely easy to leverage the conversations you are already having on social as a way of demonstrating you are a real human with specific skillsets.

It's also an incredible way to curate the feedback and testimonials that your audience is generously sharing for future use.

Before shoutout, so many feedback gems were slipping through the cracks.

I am now able to collect these and display them proudly on the website in my shoutout wall, which serves as a trust signal to those considering signing up for the Wizard's Chest newsletter.

You can check out an example of this on my own home page here.

Shoutout automatically turns tweets into walls, however you can also add links to feedback and testimonials that have been shared on other platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also add your own custom testimonials to your wall if someone shared something with you via email, for instance.

Social feedback is the best, as Shoutout links back to the original source, proving that these are real individuals sharing their thoughts about you and your work.

Here's a quick 2-minute video showing you how it works:

If remembering to capture feedback and testimonials always feels like an afterthought (but very necessary step) in your marketing, then I'd definitely recommend checking out Shoutout.

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