My Task Management Tools For 2022


A favorite topic among entrepreneurs is breaking down the systems people use to manage their tasks. My systems are always changing, but I plan to continue to refresh this post as an evergreen note.

For now, let me describe my current setup:

  • Missive (the link) – The best email client I’ve found for collaboration with multiple business partners, and across organizations.
  • Asana (the link) – I tried for so long to get clever with various project management tools. I had a romance with Clickup for the past few years, but in the end I value the simplificity and ease of use of this popular project management software. I use the missive integration to quickly commit email items to tasks.
  • Obsidian (the link) – I use Obsidian for all my notes, and as a broader Personal Knowledge Management System (PKM). It’s geeky as hell, but I like it. And I’d like to think it’s helping me improve my writing and idea generation.
  • Drafts (the link) – I was a hold out on this one but I finally broke down and purchased the pro subscription. There’s no faster way to idea capture on the go, as well as quick capture reference links from all your devices.
  • Apple Watch (the link) – I wear this 24/7 and use the Drafts watch complication to get ideas out of my head when they arise, for processing later. These notes are synced to Obsidian.

These are my main tools.

Nothing sexy really, but I can say with the confidence of having tried thousands of productivity tools, that these combine to form a simple, yet effective productivity stack.

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