Michelle Crowder-Soellner | Strategist for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

Michelle Crowder-Soellner | Strategist for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

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Strategist. I help multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs implement their vision.

Hi, I'm Michelle Crowder-Soellner

I help multipassionate creative entrepreneurs implement their vision.

Dream Clients: Multi-passionate creative visionary solopreneurs

Primary Area of Expertise:

For people who've been doing this business thing for a while…

And have had some pretty solid achievements

Maybe you didn’t celebrate them enough before you moved on to your next milestone, but you have to admit, you’ve done some things that would make the just-starting-out-you proud

So mindset? Yeah, you’ve worked on that and probably help others with it too.

Invested in all the things? Check. And still haven’t found that magic wand.

Still find yourself getting caught up in what you should be doing according to all the advice and industry standards and what feels right for you and your unique business.

A coach can give you guidance but sometimes it feels like they want you to fit a little to rigidly into their system in a way that doesn’t fit what you’re trying to do.

Best practices are a good guide…until they’re stifling or feel like a chore.

All those dreams of setting your own rules…but it’s hard being the only one making the ultimate decision.

That’s where I come in.

- Deep listening
- Asking the right questions
- Getting to know you and your goals
- Helping YOU identify YOUR path through a methodical approach
- Helping you honor your capacity
- So that when you get things done, it’s coming from a place of flow, inspiration, and being true to your values vs. hustle and fitting yourself into a mold that doesn’t feel right
- Someone cheering you on as you work toward that next big milestone you’ve identified for yourself
- Listening nonjudgmentally as you adjust course when things don’t go how you hoped
- And being in the weeds with you, taking some of the tasks completely off your list

When you get things done, you know it came from your full power — but you don’t feel isolated and unsure of whether you can trust yourself along the way.

For people who want to trust their own intuition.

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Michelle’s work as a strategist for multi-passionate entrepreneurs has been referenced in the following podcast episode:

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For more on Michelle Crowder-Soellner, you can find her at  https://conscientiouscopy.com/

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LinkedIn: Michelle Crowder-Soellner, MSW