Justin Blackman | Brand Voice Expert & Copywriter

Justin Blackman | Brand Voice Expert & Copywriter

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I create voice guides that help writers sound exactly like their clients. We'll get uber nerdy and dissect the patterns.

Hi, I'm Justin Blackman

I create voice guides that help writers sound exactly like their clients. We'll get uber nerdy and dissect the patterns around the way a person or brand writes, and document thier nuances in an on-boarding guide that helps writers nail the style without the client having to teach them.

Dream Clients: Industry experts and strong personal brands (Amy Porterfield and Stu McLaren types)

Primary Area of Expertise: Voice guides and brand voice development for businesses and personal brands

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Justin’s work as a conversion copywriter has been referenced in the following articles & podcast episodes:

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For more on Justin Blackman, you can find him at http://www.PrettyFlyCopy.com

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