Denise Barajas | Digital Business Manager

Denise Barajas | Digital Business Manager

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I empower burnt-out entrepreneurs/ CEO's take a vacation and make higher profit margins with systems and help them build their businesses.

Hi, I'm Denise Barajas

I empower burnt-out entrepreneurs/ CEO's take a vacation and make higher profit margins with systems. I took my love of organizing, systematizing, and scaling to the online space to serve my clients and help them build the businesses of their dreams!

Dream Clients: VC's and Startups that value their time. They need everything running smoothly now and so what it takes to not waste time. They know what they want but need someone to take them to that next level. They have values, are ethical, and love to involve minorities. They are hard workers, kind, and are inspiring to be around. They trust those around them to be the experts in their own rite, as they are.

Primary Area of Expertise: Business Operations (Fractional COO- internal systems, people & project management) for VC's, Start ups, & small businesses.

It has been an absolute pleasure to help startups/ small businesses and VC's step into their role of CEO/ Visionary & focus on their zone of genius rather than on tasks that can be delegated out. I did this by taking on management of their team, projects, and streamlining your systems so that parts of their business run on autopilot. They focus on the profit generating parts of their business as I tackle the internal systems.

In Depth: I love setting up and organizing internal business systems. I have helped my clients set up their CRMs, Client dashboards, Financial dashboards and take on the entire hiring process from beginning to onboarding the new employee. I have implemented client onboarding for my clients for retention in clients and more bookings. I have automated their businesses and saved them lots of time and money. Helped them with quarterly planning and strategy to make sure they were on the right path to hitting their goals and growing sustainably. I have set up their SOPs and data storage systems. I have managed up to help them stay on track as well as their internal team to make sure no bottlenecks were getting in the way of completing projects and not getting in the way of the scope.

I have 2 VIP Day packages where I implements the necessities in one day. One is the startup/VC quickstart (implement 3-4 main working systems to be super streamlined and have a process for your operations in one day.) The other is a hiring VIP Day where you will walk away understanding who you need to hire next, with up to 3 completed, ready to go job descriptions, KPI’s for the roles, application forms, interview questions, and paid trial task options so that you can finally have that dream Team without dealing with any more team fires, hiring mishaps, creating endless job descriptions and having to do it all yourself like everything else in the business.

I know and implement software such as ClickUp, Asana, Trello, Airtable, Zapier, Loom, Zoom, Google drive, Dropbox, Slack, Grammarly, Calendly, Voxer, Miro, Lucid Chart, Quickbooks, Toggl, Stripe, Mailerlite, Dubsado, Honeybook, Planoly, Canva, Lastpass, Evernote, Docusign, etc.

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