Ben Akyea | Copywriter for B2B SaaS

Ben Akyea | Copywriter for B2B SaaS

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I write web and email copy for B2B SaaS sounds nothing like SEO copy. If you're a SaaS/tech founder or marketer who wants high-converting copy for your sales funnel, I'm your man.

Hi, I'm Ben Akyea

I write web and email copy for B2B SaaSsounds nothing like SEO copy. If you're a SaaS/tech founder or marketer who wants high-converting copy for your sales funnel, I'm your man.

Dream Clients:

  3. Better Proposals
  4. Subly
  5. Click up
  6. Quuu
  7. Visiblee
  8. Zapier
  9. Groove
  10. Koober
  11. Biteable

Primary Area of Expertise:

If you’re looking for an onboarding sequence for your SaaS, I might just be one of only a few people on this planet who can deliver what you’re looking for.

Bold claim, but let me explain.

My name’s Benjamin and I specialize in writing sales funnels for SaaS.

That means the whole enchilada: Facebook and Google Ad copy, LinkedIn posts, landing page copy, website copy, onboarding sequences, blog posts, you name it.

Plenty of copywriters say they’re good at SaaS copy, but they:

  • Assume all onboarding sequences follow the same flow
  • And think long-form web and email copy don’t convert as well as short-form

These wrong assumptions explain why most SaaS copy is boring and low-converting.

You know what I mean.

On the other hand, I:

  • Treat each SaaS company as the unique brand that it truly is
  • Write copy based on in-depth detective-level research

How long or short the copy needs to be depends on your user base.

Not some general trend.

Thus, my copy receives higher open rates, converts better and sounds more human.

Take a look at this testimonial from a previous client:

"Ben is an outstanding SaaS email copywriter. When I met him, our email open rates were in the 10% range… the very first email he wrote (the welcome email to my SaaS product) got an open rate of 59.3%.

His click rates are also impressive. 13.6% is well beyond what I was getting. And well above the industry average."

  • Roi Anaki, IGHero Founder

Look. When you’re writing an onboarding sequence, only one thing matters; getting free trials users to the “Aha!” moment as quickly as possible.

The “Aha!” is the moment when free trial users realize the value of your tool in their lives.

Haven’t you noticed how the SaaS tools you pay for each month are the ones you can’t live without?

So far, I’m one of only a handful of copywriters who actually understands this - let alone uses it.

And that’s just onboarding sequences.

When you work with me, first we’ll get on a deep-dive call where I’ll ask about your business, your customers, and run through my 15-point checklist to get to know what I need to write your copy.

But there’s a catch.

I genuinely don’t work with just anyone.

To qualify to work with me, you must:

  1. Have already achieved product-market fit. Copy is a fertilizer, not a resurrection pill
  2. You don’t need to be earning $100,000 in ARR, but you should have some revenue flowing in

Even then, I’m usually booked for months at a time.

Think you have what it takes to receive high-converting copy?

Then reach out.

For more on Ben Akyea, you can find him at

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