11 Free Directories to Promote Your Newsletter in 2022


It can be challenging to grow your newsletter, especially if you're a new creator, or freelancer, and few people yet know about your work.

As I've looked for ways to create more organic exposure for The Wizard's Chest, I've found quite a few personal newsletter directories that offer free promotion and backlinks.

Listing your newsletter in specialized directories that attract potential readers offers a valuable discovery opportunity.

These newsletter directories that I am choosing to share allow their readers to search for interesting publications by category, and generally slant towards indie creators.

Some of them also share newly listed newsletters to social and by email. Twitter seems to be the most commonly used platform to share newsletters.

The majority of these approve most submissions, as long as you follow the provided instructions.

I don't anticipate much more than a slow trickle of traffic from these sources, but submitting my newsletter links took less than one minute per listing on average.

That seemed like an OK use of time for the promise of some backlinks.

List of Newsletter Directories

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